Feature request: command-line gener_all

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Feature request: command-line gener_all

Post  jonh on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:14 am

Let me introduce this subject by saying: wow, I'm glad I found PhotoShow! I spent the last few days battling with apache, mysql, and php, installing and trying out all sorts of photo gallery software (Gallery, Gallery3, Piwigo, and OpenPhoto). None ended up meeting my needs, until I found PhotoShow. Simple and elegant!

In particular, I don't want to do manual photo management in web gallery software. I want to use a desktop app (in my case, Shotwell) to organize, rotate, crop, and tag my photos. Then I want to use rsync to synchronize my huge (and append-only) directory of photos up to my web server. From there, I want the gallery software to simply make it available, with a 'public' view and a 'family-only' view. PhotoShow does these tasks with simple elegance. No goofball databases to configure; no writing into the php directory or the photos directory (gasp). I love the engineering choices! Thanks for writing it.

As I dive in, I was delighted to find the generate all button (Admin/Settings/Generate recursively): I can just move my photos into place, and have PhotoShow precompute the thumbnails so that the user browsing experience is responsive. However, it's only able to generate a few hundred files at a time before the process times out. The browser never realizes this has happened. I'd really like to let this thing just run until all the work is done. Is there a way to invoke the gener_all task from the command line? (Presumably I'd 'sudo -u www-data' to keep the permissions consistent.)

Perhaps something more user-friendly would be to somehow fork the task to run in the background, and provide a web-facing 'progress bar' in the admin page that one can come back to and check on periodically. (I don't personally much care; I'm comfortable with using 'top' and 'find|wc' to see how it's doing.)

Thanks again for writing a clean, simple piece of software that's easy to integrate with other tools.


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